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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
I got DiRT Rally installed. Not bad for $29.99 (considering the sale price is $43 elsewhere). It's a good-looking game from what little time I spent with it. I am going to settle for stock Ultra settings with either 4x or 8x MSAA. Setting the custom "Advanced Blending" setting used to be an Intel-only option, but it appears to work - and it kills the fps. DiRT Rally has a built in benchmark which appears to be accurate - and it also makes it pretty easy for me.

So I am adding DiRT Rally, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Just Cause 3 to my GeForce 359.06 Performance Analysis - there will be 31 games in this benchmark run. ... and then I will cut it down to 25 games. 31 is ridiculous. It takes more than a day to run a benchmark suite for one card (31 games at 3 resolutions). I won't be done benching until Wednesday or Thursday.

I hate to drop games ... but I will concentrate on mostly 2015 games. There were so many good games released this year. Who cares about 2012 or 2013?

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