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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
Of course. At your convenience.

And this is a first .... a thread started on ATF VC&G featuring my Fury X evaluation

GTX 980 Ti is the best high GPU of this generation.

However, my article isn't getting any hits from that thread since their OP didn't link to anything but the chart

I am trying to buy Dirt Rally at GreenManGaming but it won't let me add the 20% off voucher to it's price of $42.99

Support ticket generated

Here is the voucher for 20% off


Better yet, get an extra 20% off pretty much anything when you add the site-wide voucher above at the checkout!
Everything except Dirt Rally ... the CSR confirmed

I'll try to buy it on GamesDeal.com for $29.99 ... wish me luck

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