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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
456,901 ... still moving up in the USA.

I am looking at my benching suite. At 30 games, it is too big. How about if I drop 5 games and slim it down to 25?
- I'm also dropping Heaven 4.0 as it needs an update to be relevant IMO.

Here are the 5 games that I would drop:

Call of Pripyat - it's ancient
the Secret World - it's OK, but old and it doesn't have a big following
BioShock Infinite - it's an old Unreal 3 engine game
The Crew - I have 2 other driving games and this one has a 60fps cap
MGS V: TPP - it is a mess to bench with a 60fps cap

That would leave these 25 games in my suite:

Sleeping Dogs
Hitman: Absolution
Tomb Raider: 2013
Crysis 3
Metro: Last Light Redux (2014)
Battlefield 4
Sniper Elite 3
GRID: Autosport
Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor
Alien Isolation
Far Cry 4
Dragon’s Age: Inquisition
Total War: Attila
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Grand Theft Auto V
the Witcher 3
Batman: Arkham Origins
Mad Max
FallOut 4
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Just Cause 3
Rainbow 6 Siege
Ashes of the Singularity – DX 12 Alpha Demo benchmark

What do you think?

I am also planning to add Dirt Rally and new games as they are released. That means that I drop older games as I add them. I think that "25" is a good number of representative games with a real emphasis on the latest and also on the older (new) classics (like BF4, Metro LL Redux, and Crysis 3)

I will also let BTR's readers who don't visit the forum in my GF 359.06 Performance Analysis featuring JC3 and R6:Siege, that I am dropping 5 games and to comment if they want them to be benches.

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