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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
The sidebar has been fixed.

Do you guys prefer it on the left or right?

The time of the last post is fixed. The sidebar's posts will also take you to the most recent page now.
I prefer the right side, but am fine if it goes on the left.
Quote:Great Job! Your site's metrics are Certified.
We scanned 8,702 pages and found the Certify Code on 7,052 pages.

BTR has it's site metrics certified by Alexa. Thanks, Mario!
Mario is really great. He's a very skilled webmaster. Thanks Mario everything is working perfectly now!
I got an offer to review (a really nice) radar detector. It would be a "gadget" and probably reviewed under "mobile" since this one is portable.


What do you think? Will it bring readers?
[Image: RD950photo1.jpg]

In other news, I have been benching with the latest hotfix Crimson driver. No need to retest. If all goes well, I'll finish 290X tomorrow and post the "Crimson Driver hotfix Performance Evaluation featuring Fury X" tomorrow.

Just Cause 2 and Rb6:Siege won't be included. That is for the next article featuring them and the latest GeForce Drivers (hopefully on Friday)
Yes, review it! Is it legal where you live though? Plus I hear the cops use laser radar now which cannot be detected.

Good luck finishing up the article!
OK, I'll ask for a unit ... and thank-you. I was up pretty late this morning benching

And yes it is legal in California. The downside is if you do speed and are pulled over, the officer will probably give you a harder time than usual with the stop.

Quote:Radar detector usage is legal for non-commercial vehicles in 49 states. (Please be aware that Virginia and Washington D.C. ban the use of radar detectors, as does Canada.) Radar detectors are outlawed for use by commercial vehicles in all states. It is also illegal to use a radar detector on any military base or military installation
Yeah, I hear the cops have a radar detector detector and if you get busted here you're in real trouble.

Good luck with it! Sounds like a neat gadget to have. I don't speed though. The most I will do is 120km/h on the highway and the cops don't generally pull you over here unless you go faster than that. In the city the most I will do is 10-15km/h over the limit. I haven't had a ticket in 7 years! :)
I haven't had a ticket in ... hmm ... I can't remember. I would say one charged ticket in the past 25 years.

However, whenever I rent a car, there is a short getting used to period where you have to judge the speed as you cannot be fixed on the speedometer. A radar detector serves as a warning - a reminder - as it will warn you that police are using radar and you should drive more carefully.

Of course, for others who speed regularly, it's insurance.
It will make an interesting article for BTR. I'm sure a lot of people will be interested in it.

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