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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
Look at it this way, there are many hundreds of sites that review games. And they get the games long before I do. So I cannot compete with them - except to measure performance of the new games. BTR is not a game review site - it is a tech review site.

There is only one tech site on earth - BabeltechReviews - that will give you up to date comparisons of the top video cards on the latest drivers and with the latest games. No other tech or review site offers this resource. Once a site reviews a video card, they put it away and only bring it out when another new card is released. As drivers improve performance - or get worse - they ignore what changes.

If I review only 20 games, I can still make the claim of "most games". Do you think people are interested in Stalker any longer or care how it performs? Of course, most of the games I would dump would be old AMD sponsored games (Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, etc.) since there are so few new ones left any longer. But then who cares about AMD? They have such a tiny marketshare, and it is dropping by the day as they are completely broke and as their tech ages, they cannot afford to sponsor games any longer. I would do better to review Intel graphics - it has a much bigger marketshare. AMD is dying and it is obvious to everyone; so I have to plan for it.

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