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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
(12-02-2015, 05:25 PM)SickBeast Wrote: I'm shocked that it doesn't whine. That's great news. At least AMD was finally able to fix this issue.
Who are the deaf idiots in AMD quality control that let this issue go in the first place? It gave their own product very bad reviews because of AMD's sloppiness and made Fury X look much less than premium

I am just grateful.  And I am SO glad I sent the other 3 whining Fury Xes back.
(saved over $100 - got a fixed video card)

I am benching Fury X now.  I updated the Radeon partition yesterday completely and added JC3 and Rainbow6 Shield.  Soon as I get to the RB6 Shield, I'll try to find a good benchmark.  I don't like the new control panel.  Nothing is easy to find, you have to click through several screens to get to where you want and changing resolutions is harder than it should be.  

UPDATE: There is a workaround to change resolutions and refresh rates
Change it in Windows desktop
-- stupid!

I guess a new "look" is what the fans want. So you can now get into the control panel quickly - to waste a lot of time once you get there.

It would probably be best if I did a very short driver performance evaluation of the new Crimson hotfix drivers.  To save time, I'll update Fury X and 290X - not 290X CF.

 THEN I'll evaluate the new GeForce driver featuring the new games.  We are  six days out from that article - at best

Will it still be timely?

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