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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
First of all, I want to make my regular driver performance analysis more useful. That means adding Fury X and 280X to my results. I also want to cover every upcoming major game release with at least an IQ/Performance analysis, beginning with Just Cause 3.

I am also going to buy a new Intel CPU - either Skylake or Kaby Lake. That will open a new MB (ECS?) and DDR4 (Kingston) reviews up. Then you will start to see more regular product reviews - next year. And it is **crucial** that my health is stable, because I have to keep up my driver analysis while I am reviewing hardware.

IF I can do that, BTR will gain traffic quickly. Although I am pleased with BTR's progress in 2015 - especially considering the garbage situation I was in because of my last deadbeat partner - I am the only one holding progress back now. My health has been subpar since my mother died 14 months ago, and it is very difficult for me to work when I am unwell for weeks at a time.

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