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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
You might check some legal precedent for this action.  Sometimes your union may have a lawyer that may consult with you for a very low fee or no fee.

I have have to say that Steam is getting more stupid with its DRM.  I clicked on Steam and it asked if I wanted to go offline since I was not connected to the 'net.  I said yes, and it asked for a PW.  So now, I HAVE TO GO ONLINE just to start this marvelous piece of DRM in Offline mode.

Sometimes I just hate the stupidity that is Steam

Anyway, I have finished benching GTX 980 Ti/Ti SLI and am benching the GTX 980. Depending on how the download works out and the ease of finding a Fo4 benchmark, I may bench the GTX 970 also in an attempt to widen the scope of my driver performance analysis, and also try to sneak in a few fO4 benches.

Maybe. If not, I'll just bench the GTX 980, publish the evaluation, and call it a day and play the new game

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