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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
(11-16-2015, 09:45 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Oh ok I didn't realize it took so long to kick in.

And yes, the slow demise of ABT is sad.  I actually like the guys over there aside from Rollo.  I really like them a lot actually.  I just can't bring myself to subject myself to Rollo any more.  Life is too short.  Why waste my time with someone so full of hate?

It will be interesting to watch the Alexa rankings for BTR over the next few weeks.

Are you still planning to buy some hardware on Black Friday?  I snagged a few deals today and got a lot of my Christmas shopping done.  They had some nice wireless headphones on for $20CAD that I'm sure my wife and my sisters will really like.  I got my dad a power bank for his phone.  I'm not sure if he'll use it much but he tends to really enjoy accessories for his iPhone.

If last year is any indication, it's good to jump on the hot deals before Black Friday because they are often just as good if not better.

Yes, it takes quite awhile.  First Google's crawlers have to go through the entire site, index it all, and then link to everything.  BTR has quite a few articles and news posts in nearly a year - very close to 150!

Yes, I would say that Mario's SEO and optimization work will start to be really noticeable by the end of this month and especially by the early part of December,

I will not be prepared to actually BUY anything until Black Friday.  That's just my timing with my money; I won't have it available earlier.  And often there are good deals the entire weekend of Black Friday and especially for the following (Cyber) Monday.  

In other news, I am not so broke that I cannot buy Fallout 4 - today!
--Heading over to GMG to buy it now


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