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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
I already posted it in post 129 of this thread.  

Their head shill, Russian Sensation, is a liar and he used to use ABT's benchmarks when they suited his purposes.

The benchmarks don't lie. The AMD shills do.

And I was successful getting Dirt Rally for $30. Key activated and it is a 20GB D/L. I might add it also and drop a driving game.
I don't even bother with the forum over there any more. I'm surprised AMD even has any money left to pay their shills.
I got DiRT Rally installed. Not bad for $29.99 (considering the sale price is $43 elsewhere). It's a good-looking game from what little time I spent with it. I am going to settle for stock Ultra settings with either 4x or 8x MSAA. Setting the custom "Advanced Blending" setting used to be an Intel-only option, but it appears to work - and it kills the fps. DiRT Rally has a built in benchmark which appears to be accurate - and it also makes it pretty easy for me.

So I am adding DiRT Rally, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Just Cause 3 to my GeForce 359.06 Performance Analysis - there will be 31 games in this benchmark run. ... and then I will cut it down to 25 games. 31 is ridiculous. It takes more than a day to run a benchmark suite for one card (31 games at 3 resolutions). I won't be done benching until Wednesday or Thursday.

I hate to drop games ... but I will concentrate on mostly 2015 games. There were so many good games released this year. Who cares about 2012 or 2013?
Cool. Dirt Rally got great reviews actually. If the graphics are comparable to Grid Autosport then I'm sure it's great.
I am probably going to drop The Crew in favor of DiRT Rally; the Ubi game has a hard lock at 60 fps and it is online which means it changes performance with each patch.. That leaves Rally, ProjectCARs and Grid Autosport in my benching suite to represent driving games.
Sounds good. I hate games with an FPS cap. I barely play Need For Speed Rivals because of the technical issues like that.
Well, 60 fps is ridiculous. I found workarounds by making the game so demanding that it never hits 60. But it is silly to have to do it. For that same reason, I am dropping Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I am keeping Wolfenstein in with the same issues because it is the only OGL game in my suite and it is extremely demanding at a ridiculous 8xMSAA to keep the top frame rate just below 60 fps with a GTX 980 Ti at 108O :P

Batman AO has a 90 fps cap, so that is reasonable. And the built-in benchmark will measure beyond it.

But I am dropping older games also ... the Secret World, Stalker CoP, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution ...

I will miss some of them. But it shouldn't be necessary to run SSAA to make the benchmark relevant. They are old games that almost no one is playing now. I can always resurrect them for a mega 50 game benching article perhaps semi-annually.
That sounds like a very good plan. The mega articles sound cool.
(12-13-2015, 07:36 PM)SickBeast Wrote: That sounds like a very good plan.  The mega articles sound cool.

I hope so. And I was using your idea - measuring overall driver performance over months. I can't really start until October when I migrated my platform on Windows 10. But sometime in Early Spring, I think I will look at driver changes over the past (then) 6 months.

And it seems to be working (especially my Pay2Win at Alexa)
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It is definitely moving up. Some advertisers would be interested now.

But forget it! No advertising for 2015/2016.

Well, maybe late 2016 - if it will bring contests here.
Up again


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