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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
Try any of the benchmark games that I suggested. And set Grid: AS to Ultra with 8xMSAA.

Especially Shadows of Mordor .. both games run better on the new drivers with 290x and FuryX, and it will give your system a workout at 1920x1080.
I will give it a try later. I can't play Shadow of Morder with my kids around. I can try Grid Autosport though. I'm curious as to how it will run with 8xAA.
The Shadows benchmark is bloodless.

Metro Last Light is a great benchmark also.
Well Grid Autosport runs flawlessly even with 8xAA enabled. It never dropped below 60fps. I will try the other games later.
Mario fixed the front main page (and the forum).

What do you think of having the latest posts displayed (on the right sidebar) on the main page? That is how it is currently set up.
Now we are seeing the results of Mario's hard work (and the Pay2Win on Alexa)


Quote:Rank in United States - 482,161

Only 400,000 more ranks to go before advertisers take us seriously
456,901 ... still moving up in the USA.

I am looking at my benching suite. At 30 games, it is too big. How about if I drop 5 games and slim it down to 25?
- I'm also dropping Heaven 4.0 as it needs an update to be relevant IMO.

Here are the 5 games that I would drop:

Call of Pripyat - it's ancient
the Secret World - it's OK, but old and it doesn't have a big following
BioShock Infinite - it's an old Unreal 3 engine game
The Crew - I have 2 other driving games and this one has a 60fps cap
MGS V: TPP - it is a mess to bench with a 60fps cap

That would leave these 25 games in my suite:

Sleeping Dogs
Hitman: Absolution
Tomb Raider: 2013
Crysis 3
Metro: Last Light Redux (2014)
Battlefield 4
Sniper Elite 3
GRID: Autosport
Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor
Alien Isolation
Far Cry 4
Dragon’s Age: Inquisition
Total War: Attila
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Grand Theft Auto V
the Witcher 3
Batman: Arkham Origins
Mad Max
FallOut 4
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Just Cause 3
Rainbow 6 Siege
Ashes of the Singularity – DX 12 Alpha Demo benchmark

What do you think?

I am also planning to add Dirt Rally and new games as they are released. That means that I drop older games as I add them. I think that "25" is a good number of representative games with a real emphasis on the latest and also on the older (new) classics (like BF4, Metro LL Redux, and Crysis 3)

I will also let BTR's readers who don't visit the forum in my GF 359.06 Performance Analysis featuring JC3 and R6:Siege, that I am dropping 5 games and to comment if they want them to be benches.
Yes that looks great to me.
OK, this coming evaluation will be the last one with 30 games.

And we went up another 50,000 places in 12 hours

Quote:Rank in United States - 435,504
I would say that my strategy is sound
Wow that's great! We'll see how high BTR can go by the end of the year. :)

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