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ASUS STRIX GTX 950 DirectCU II OC Performance results with 29 games
Well they'd better hurry because 14nm/16nm will be ready to go soon enough! Probably early next year from the sound of it. If they have no answer to Pascal they are royally screwed. Zen already sounds like a turkey that is only as fast as Sandy Bridge. Hello AMD, 2011 called, they want their CPU back! Angel
(08-20-2015, 04:04 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Well I hope you're right and we see massive gains with the newer cards.  DX12 will help as well.  Hopefully it will align perfectly with my 4k upgrade. :)

Let's get this straight now.  DX12 will not help performance on today's PCs.  It will allow the devs to code closer to the metal so as to make the game even more impressive visually - but even more demanding on HW at max settings - with the built-from-the-ground-up DX12 games.  

For DX12 games at 4K you are going to *need* Pascal and Arctic Circle.

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