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ASUS STRIX GTX 950 DirectCU II OC Performance results with 29 games
The GTX 950 arrives as the ASUS STRIX DirectCU II OC - the full review


Only about 8 hours late
nVidia is really putting the squeeze on AMD. I read their marketshare numbers today for discreet GPUs and it does not look good at all for AMD, they are losing marketshare badly. This card the GTX 950 looks to be better than the 7850/270/370 in every way.

AMD needs some new cards on a more modern architecture.
2016 .... Fury Nano is just a stopgap; hopefully better than 300 series is.
You know one comment I will make about this review is that a lot of people are curious about how the GTX 960 compares to the 950. Would it be possible to add the 960's results to the charts? People are saying that the 950 comes quite close to it actually.
Too late.  I just blew away the Nvidia drive as I am cloning Win 10 to it (I have 8.1 only with AMD drivers on that drive).

The GTX 960 is the card that I wanted to add - but I lost Thursday and the review wouldn't be up until tomorrow - 2 days late. An overclocked GTX 950 will come to within about 10-15% of a GTX 960.  Tom's Hardware did the comparison.

I wanted to add the GTX 960 but sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on.  I need to have the Win 8.1 vs 10 evaluation up early next week and the MSI R9 390X vs 290X evaluation up by next weekend.  Then I will be set .. more driver performance analysis, adding Fury X into the mix with the 390X, etc

The only card I am going to eschew is the Nano.  It is expected to be 85% of a Fury X or so :P
Too bad. You can't have everything in your reviews. Some of the people on my hot deal forum were wondering is all. There is a deal on the GTX 960 right now and they were trying to compare it to the 950.
I saw that thread and a couple of others. BTR got 42 hits from that forum since this morning.

If money is tight, the GTX 950 is an excellent card for $160 or so. If the GTX 960 is on sale and there is a game bundled with it and the buyer can afford a few more dollars, it is a faster card.
I guess I didn't really make it very clear in my evaluation.

The GTX 950 is a very good deal for $159 compared with the average selling price of the R9 370 at $149.  There are R9 370s selling for less with MiR.  And the ASUS STRIX card is certainly worth $10 over the reference GTX 950. And the 270X is a better deal than the 370 as it is a faster identically-featured card priced cheaper.

Now if someone is willing to spend MORE money and look for a HOT deal, there are a few GTX 960s selling for about $180 after MiR with Metal Gear bundled in.  That is a good deal because the GTX 960 is about 10-15% faster than the GTX 950.  But the outlay of money is greater.

So when I give a recommendation, I also keep in mind that the GTX 950 is going to settle in pricing as Nvidia's partners compete with each other - first on features, then on pricing and bundles.  I think there will be some price adjustments downward as time passes.  But it does not change my conclusion nor my recommendation for the GTX 950.  It's a nice card for its launch price.
That's what I think about the GTX 950 as well, the prices have to settle. It's rarely a good idea to buy a GPU right when it first comes out. Prices are always inflated. GPUs tend to drop in price more than any other hardware component and IMO you should always give them a few months for the prices to settle if you can. I mean, sometimes if it's an absolutely incredible GPU then it might make sense to buy one at launch but cards like that are quite rare. I can only think of a few.
For $160 after $20 MiR, this MSI GTX 960 with MGS V bundle is a no-brainer choice over the GTX 950 or 270X/370X.


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