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What's happening at BTR II .. and report issues here
(08-10-2015, 10:04 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Wow 15 years.  6 years felt long to me.  You really need to go away somewhere!  Maybe rent yourself a place for a month if you can.  It sounds to me like you have a pretty fun life already as a gamer though. :)

I guess when I retire I'm going to need two gaming rigs, one in each country that I live in.  I never thought about that.  Maybe by that time computers will be more portable.

Well, I took care of my mother for 15 years.  That cut into my social life and vacation time.  But then I have had a life full of adventure beginning when I moved to Dublin, Ireland when I was 18.  And I went to Hawaii with 2 bags as a tourist and stayed for 8 years.  I considered it all a "vacation" since Surf came mostly first.  And working as a TV/Radio Surf reporter and forecaster PLUS working as a DJ at my favorite radio station (of all time) was a dream come true.  Talking on the radio and playing music isn't "work".

And now I have a hobby that is challenging and fun.  So don't feel sorry for me.  I am planning to go to CES this January, which kinda is a vacation of sorts (Think "Disneyland for tekkies)

Yes, don't worry about retirement and moving PCs if you are retiring in 20 or more years. I think that most Canadians dream of having a Winter home besides living in their home country ...
You would be surprised. There are people here who just never leave or travel, I don't understand it. For me it's hard in the winter because I can't get time off work, but when I retire I *will* be finding a winter home. By that time I'm sure I will be completely sick and tired of winter. We will probably buy a place in Florida depending on what happens with the real estate market. Florida is nice because flights are cheap and I could easily come back and forth to see friends and family. We should have a great retirement actually. I'm scheduled to retire when I'm only 57 years old which is wonderful and my pension will be outstanding (plus my house will be paid off as well).
A lot of Canadians (mostly from BC and the Western Provinces) have a second home in the Coachella Valley. I have met quite a few of them over the years. They usually show up in November, head back for Christmas, and then stay into March.

We can always tell who are the Canadians. When the locals in Palm Springs are wearing their Winter gear, the Canadians are in shorts and T-shirts.
Haha. I will have to look into your area as well. I hear Arizona is a good option as well. I would like a place with a nice beach nearby though which is why I say Florida.
La Jolla would be my own choice for a Winter home (or a year 'round home).  Awesome beaches .. but you will need a Wetsuit in the winter; the water isn't warm like Florida, it drops into the mid-50s in February.  And it is very expensive to live in coastal San Diego.  I had an studio apartment off Marine Street and La Jolla Blvd that was $500 a month in 1992 before I moved to Hawaii.  That same apartment now rents for about 2 thousand dollars a month!
Wow, $2000/month is quite expensive. I think I will look at Florida. :)

If I'm only there for the winter I want the water to be warm. I like how calm the gulf coast is as well.
Well, La Jolla means "the Jewel" in Spanish.  It is Prime Southern California Real Estate.  And California is expensive anyway.  Palm Springs is much cheaper but it is 100 miles from the Coast.
I would imagine Florida will be quite expensive as well. It's all hypothetical now anyways. I'm not retiring for 20 more years!
20 years goes by really fast!  

Anyway, I have my benching done and hopefully I won't need to set up Windows 8.1 ever again.  However, those two partitions will be useful for transferring apps (like all of my Steam games).

Win 10 is setting up now for a clean install.  I will mostly work between midnight and 5AM so that I can take advantage of my free bandwidth period.  I expect I will have to D/L quite a bit.  The MSI 390X is supposed to be here tomorrow.

Windows 10 wants to know everything about you.  I just say NO to Windows data mining

Win 10 sets up really fast. Like 15 minutes and it is ready to go! So I can catch a nap until Midnight.

My Steam folder is 528GB. That will take some serious time to copy even over USB 3.0

I can take a nap
Mine is 838gb. :P

It's kind of crazy actually.

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