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What's happening at BTR II .. and report issues here
The one with only the damaged package was cheaper.  I saved a couple of bucks ($4). And more than $50 over brand new!

Now I have to finish up the Win 8.1 Catalyst benching, transition to Win 10 with a new comparison with Win 8.1, THEN I can compare 290X vs 390X with an article featuring the MSI 390X ... and it looks like a great card with a very good cooling solution (1100MHz OC featured - so I can compare it with either of my 290Xes that also will manage 1100MHz with "up to 100%" fan).
1100mhz is a great factory overclock. I doubt you will get any more than that with voltage and manual overclocking. 1150mhz tends to be about the limit unless you get an exceptional chip.

I'm really happy that I was able to help you find it! :)
Awesome find!  Exactly what I was looking for (especially MSI!)

Yes, 1150MHz is about tops for Hawaii unless you ramp up the voltage.  And I don't do that in my reviews.  It will be interesting to see a (reference non-throttling) 290X running at 1100MHz (and with a strong memory overclock) up against a 390X.
Just FYI the way I found it was to Google search for "open box 390x".

Also on Newegg if you just type "open box" in the search field you can browse for hardware by category. Newegg only had 290s though.
I knew about Newegg. And I did try the Google search.

You are the Hot Deals Master.

I'm probably just lucky. :)

I've been checking when I can. I'm just glad it worked out nicely.

I would be tempted to keep the card at the price you paid for it.
Luck is part of being a Hot Deals Master. And it worked out perfectly.

And I may just keep the card.  It depends on how well it performs and if it is a real step over my PowerColor 290X PCS+ performance at its 1030MHz stock. If it is noticeably faster, it would be better for my benchmarks to use the newer card. If not, then I can confidently go on using my 290Xes - with a comparison disclaimer pointing to the upcoming review (on Windows 10, no less :) )

I have always allowed my 290Xes to ramp the fan up to 100%, so they never throttled (up to 1100MHz). AMD would have liked my reviews. :P

Maybe I could sell it to you after I am done benching it
(for a further discount)
LOL maybe. :)

I wasn't planning to upgrade until next summer. $375USD is close to $500 for me. Way out of my budget.
I forgot about the purchasing power of the Canadian Dollar.


I filled the gas tank yesterday, and even in overpriced California, it is about $3.65 per gallon (at ARCO :P ).

I ended up paying $418 for my 390X - with CA tax and upgraded shipping ($15)
- regular free shipping takes a week.
In New Orleans it was $2.50USD per gallon for gas, and that was just at the one station I saw near the airport, it was probably cheaper elsewhere.

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