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Catalyst 15.7 WHQL Performance Analysis Featuring Fury X & 290X
Creig is probably one of the Original Advocates. He is one of the worst and most unbalanced posters at VC&G.

And he is definitely not a mod. He can't warn anyone anybody although he probably thinks he owns the place. Mods at ATF have it clearly noted in their title/
Well, I have left the forum there indefinitely. It has no value to me any more.
(07-13-2015, 09:33 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Well, I have left the forum there indefinitely.  It has no value to me any more.

It is like leaving a stinking garbage pile when you really think about it. VC&G *USED to be* good; even special. There is nothing to be gained there any longer. You cannot share share your independent thoughts without being attacked and mobbed by organized shills who want to hard sell their company's products.

I only felt bad when I left for the regulars that I used to like to interact with. But then most of them also left, and some of them also came over to ABT and to BTR. It's pretty clear what AMD's advocates have done to the tech forums.

But the good news is, BTR is an independent tech forum that isn't "conspiracy" oriented. And I believe that it will grow.

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