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Catalyst 15.7 WHQL Performance Analysis Featuring Fury X & 290X
(07-12-2015, 11:47 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Didn't you leave ATF of your own accord?
Yes.  Shortly after the HD 7970 launch. When I realized that I was basically debating AMD PR, I scrambled my password and never logged in again.  I was an elite member before they redid the forums and never had a warning nor an infraction.
What a lowlife. Dude must be an advocate. You would think he would want to keep a lower profile about it.
I'd say that most of the regulars that are left at ATF VC&G are AMD shills. Several of them have exposed themselves and admitted that they get information directly from AMD

It's a shill pit and the place to go if you want to get down and dirty in a debate.  VC&G has no other value so as to actually learn anything.
I searched his posts and he definitely looks like an advocate. It's sad that AMD is doing this.
AMD has been doing this since their CFO Nigel Dessau signalled they were going to "target" social media about the time ABT launched and one of Nigel's viral marketer friends tried to make it an AMD flog site. Clearly it happened to AMD disgrace. They wrecked our tech sites with their shills!

AMD is doing it because they are broke, and it is relatively cheap to use HW bribes to encourage their Advocates and Red Team Plus to post their crap stealth marketing all over social media.

Check out the other active thread on Cat 15.7 ... I found you some DRAM alternatives ...
Well I called the guy out on it. What a jerk.
I wouldn't do that. You will get an infraction from the mods for a "personal attack" and your post may be deleted.  Try an edit quickly, if you can.
I don't think the mods will do anything. I will see what comes out of this.
(07-13-2015, 01:12 AM)SickBeast Wrote: I don't think the mods will do anything.  I will see what comes out of this.

He will report it. Probably did. I would suggest you just edit out the "personal" part. To be on the safe side
Creig came in and warned both me and ocre even though we did nothing wrong. He didn't say a word to Hitman. That forum has really gone straight to hell. Isn't Creig an advocate? Both of those guys definitely seem like advocates actually.

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