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What's happening at BTR *18*
7,400MB/s / 7,000MB/s SSD review. It's fast but with one caveat.


hello apoppin, BTR and staff. checking in again on yall.  Good3

just wanted to say i may not be posting much but i am still reading all the articles and lurking. hahaha. Dance3 
the reviews and improvements are great. congrats on the staff and yourself having the latest intel 12gen with DDR5 i am jealous. hahaha Laugh1
great to see you have starlink at your place now. the speeds are amazing, and keeping the old dsl for backup. solar panels looking good too, springi s finally here and enjoying the better weather. thanks to everyone for all the reviews hope yall are doing well and winter wasn't to harsh on ya.

i have been reading some rumors on ada lovelace 4nm, looks very impressive. if there are no shortages would love to change the 3070Ti to like a 4080 or somethin with teh 10850K i have now, would be an amazing upgrade, just hopefully the PSU would be able to handle it hahaha. Laugh1
ps also reported a spambot

Thanks again BTR and apoppin,
Thanks for checking in!

I just got into Honolulu and checked into my condo. They didn't clean it. Otherwise it is nice.

They told me I would have to put up with slow Wi-Fi but I guess they don't know how to connect to ethernet. So it's a little faster than Starlink

[Image: even-better.png]

Anyway, I am going to be working while here. Expect at least 3 reviews. I got a 12600K PC from PC GamerZ Hawaii for review. So I get to game here on a nice PC.

I can hardly wait for RTX 4090 or 4080! I have a 1200W Platinum PSU. Bring it on!!!

Didn't see the spambot report .... where?

Take good care of yourself - don't be a stranger. Happy gaming!
Just got my review PC. It was upgraded to 12700KF with an EVGA 3080 and a 240Hz 1080P display.

Hawaii isn't just paradise - it's heaven now
My "work"station in Honolulu. I traded the ocean view of my last condo for a view of the hotels and Koolau mountains. In return, I got a much larger and quieter condo (since it is on the other side of the building away from Ala Moana Blvd) with a lanai.

[Image: workstation.jpg]

[Image: view.jpg]

The Hellhound RX 6650 XT Takes on the RTX 3060 & RTX 3060 Ti in 38 Games

Tomorrow, expect a new GeForce driver review.

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