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What's happening at BTR *18*
Rodrigo and I have both upgraded to 12900. He has a 12900K with DDR4 and mine is a 12900KF and will be DDR5.

I purchased mine at PCGamerZ in Hawaii and will also interview one of the owners for an article on "The Local Gaming Scene in Hawaii is Alive & Well". I am researching it now with a couple of interviews and will visit a LAN tournament in Aloha Tower before I return a week from Monday. Pro gamers are handicapped (and there are non in Hawaii yet) because of the ridiculous 60+ms ping. But that will change soon - stay tuned
I got back at the end of November and am back to work. I am still working on my new 12900KF PC on Win 11 and have completely started over by organizing my games and programs on my 5 SSDs.

Here's an article on the PC gaming scene in Hawaii: In Depth with PC Enthusiasts in Hawaii – Gaming in Paradise

New 12900KF/DDR4 build with 8TB of all-SSD storage. New 1TB 7,000MB/s NVMe SSD OtW for review today. My C: drive is only 5,000MB/s :P

Happy Holidays everyone and best wishes for a Great (Better) New Year!!

[Image: cinebench-score-closed-case.png]

[Image: IMG-0116.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0579.jpg]

Happy Gaming 2022!
Drinks Good3 Gamer4
God pf War - highly recommended. I am about halfway through now.
(01-18-2022, 08:10 AM)apoppin Wrote: God pf War - highly recommended. I am about halfway through now.

Finished it. 9/10 Highly recommended!

Expect a 3600MHz DDR4 vs 5200 DDR5 review posted today/tonight. On to follow in the DDR series is DDR6000 CL36 vs DDR6000 CL40 vs DDR 6400 CL40 within 2 weeks, but first is a 7,000MB/s SSD review (Tuesday) and then a VR review introducing a new card.

Rodrigo has the latest driver performance analysis to be posted tomorrow.
[Image: 9-out-of-10.jpg]
GeForce 511.23 Driver Performance Analysis

VULCAN 5200 CL40 DDR5 Review – 31 Games Benchmarked vs. DDR4 3600
Gen 5 SSDs announced. Radical - 12,000MB/s and production in Q3


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