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What's happening at BTR *18*
hello apoppin, BTR and staff. it has been a while since i posted. yes i still have been here just really busy with life and etc. i have been reading the reviews in my spare time and keeping up to date. don't think i forgot about anyone here just been really busy is all. JC-LOL

i did what you said when we spoke last apoppin. i added as many cards as i could to the EVGA queue. all the 3060ti, 3070, 3080 back in March and then the recent 3080ti and 3070ti i added in June. no bite to my email yet, nada. I think its been 90 days maybe, give or take and no bite. Im still using the 1070ti here with the 10850K processor. system is fine ,just have to dial back in games. i have had no luck against the bots or a chance to get a MSRP card from bestbuy since they drop FE cards a lot at the proper price. i would take one anyday, but nada.  Aggressive  Aggressive

(05-23-2021, 04:32 AM)apoppin Wrote: I just completed Resident Evil 8 (VIllage) - it's fair but a big letdown from its sequel RE 7 (Biohazard).  7 was the stuff of nightmares, and 8 is just not so intense by comparison.  I also played Days Gone which is a zombie RPG ... it started awesome but after about 10 hours, it got tedious for me and I lost interest and stopped caring.

However, Days Gone is a beautifully rendered DX11 game and it and RE 8 (which has ray tracking "lite") will become BTR's latest benchmark.

Check out the free games thread.  NBA 21K is free on Epic and they are also having a big sale with a $10 off coupon (over $14.99)

yes i was disappoint in RE8 Village also not a fun game at all and i like the Resident evil series games. the remake 1 and 2 were good. 3 not so much, it was a short game. 7 was fun but 8 is disappointing. i still like 4,5,6 though. this latest installment not so much, was not impressed. i finished it but nothing drawing me back to replay again. i will probably get Days Gone when it goes on sale. it looks like something that will interst me and take up my time with grinding and hoarding. but wait until it goes on sale i have some things to do for now. i have been getting the epic games for free as well so have some variety there. its nice to have. 

(06-02-2021, 02:10 PM)apoppin Wrote: RTX 3080 Ti reviewed:

Vive Pro 2 incoming.  Expect a dual review featuring the new RTX 3070 Ti next week focusing on VR

i've read your reviews and watched other ones on line. seems the common theme with Ti generation is TI = tiny improvements. charging more money for "higher grade silicon" but no one can provide cards still at MSRP. everything is over priced and scalped into oblivion even though they are LHR cards. evga want $799 for a 3070Ti FTW3. at that price, i'd rather have the 3080 XC3 ultra at $820 if it was a normal market. $20 more to get a 3080 means the 3070ti is very bad investment (in a normal world if card were available)

the Ti cards were excellent imo in the 10xx series. i feel waiting 1 year and getting my 1070Ti for cheaper then buying the 1080 fe at launch, i gotta better deal and better bang for my buck for the same 1080 performance basically, for cheaper. that was a nice deal.

(06-07-2021, 08:03 AM)apoppin Wrote:

Turning my studio into an office is also an awesome tax write-off.  I put in a small solar system with a solar generator so I won't go offline in a power outage.  During fire season, my electricity will get cut off when the winds come up.  It a 4 x  100W solar panel set up with an 1800W /1300 WH solar generator. I plan to buy another identical setup so I will have 2 generators and 8x100W so my office can go totally off grid.  I also have a dual-fuel propane generator for days without sun - the battery will completely charge in 1.5 hours.
- And of course, my gaming PC is still in my house - the 8700K is fine for anything.  It's also my dedicated sim PC for use with my Reverb G2 HMD (that doesn't require base stations so it's easy to move back and forth - unlike the Vive Pro 2 or my Valve Index)

[Image: Solar.jpg]

[Image: EFDelta.jpg]

congradutions on the off the grid office setup and all the solar panels. i read your post in BTR 17* and i thought i replied, but i guess i forgot and now its locked. lol
JC-LOL but thats nice to have reliable grid in the times of high winds and bush fires in the desert. hope it works up well for you with all the new upgrades and new panels and such. 

so that basically about it on my end. nothing really interesting going on just being busy. summer is here and 1/2 the year is gone already. i'm shocked. i hope we do get gpu relief in autumn like you said because it is getting depressing at this point. in a few more months the 3xxx series will be a year old and barely anyone has a card. Aggressive  Aggressive 

this pandemic and such has me worried if nvidia will carry with their same pattern or make sure everyone gets a card. in pattern i mean that usually 2 years in they will do a refresh and then after that focus on the next series which will likely be 4xxx, better improvementts and lower power draw. so do we upgrade to 3070 3080 when we get the chance or keep waiting? what to do? i feel like i won't get a gpu until xmas if lucky or maybe next year. i don't want to over pay and i don't think the EVGA queue will move fast enough. i still hear rumors of people that signed up in December 2020 and have not received their card from EVGA yet. the only lucky ones were that managed the 1st 15minutes of the 3080ti and 3070ti launch that were ELITE members. i have already seen people post their cards and attempt to scalp them on ebay as well. disgusting and depresssing. i will not pay that much.  Beee  Beee  Aggressive  Aggressive 

anyway i dont want to rant forever. just hope all is doing well for everyone hope everyone is great. BE SAFE STAY HEALTHY !!!!! hope to see you all soon!!!! and GET ME A NEW GPU!!! hahahahaha  Help  Help 

Thanks again BTR and apoppin for the help and reviews and cheers
[Image: drinks.gif]

I've been pretty busy also. The mask mandate ended today in California except for public transportation and visiting in rest homes/hospitals. What a year!

I think we can have hope that this video card shortage may end in Autumn. Hopefully, you will be able to upgrade your 1070 Ti soon.

Epic has Control and Genshin Impact for free this week for a couple of more days. And the Epic sale is still going on with $10 off every game over $14.99.


If anyone doesn't have Control, it's a very good game with amazing visuals on especially RTX cards.

We agree on RE 8 - it was a disappointing sequel to RE 7. It looks like a game that was decided by a "committee"

Agreed on the new 'Tis' - they don't represent a good value. They are like a "negative Super". Super brought good value to Turing and Ti takes away good value from Ampere. Of course, Nvidia is looking at the ridiculous profits that the resellers are making and they want a cut of it - before the crypto market crashes ... of course, it will be back - but Etherium won't be profitable and there will be another AltCoin that will eventually replace it as a GPU miner.

I have no idea about what to expect from the Ampere real refresh - the Tis are acting as a refresh now with tiny clock bumps and LHR. It will no doubt be called the 4000 series and hopefully it will be 3000 series on steroids and on a 7nm process. So probably a 25-35% improvement in performance. But it's the 5000 series - new architecture - that we have to really look forward to. And there is no idea what the political situation will be like (tariffs etc) or what crypto will be doing in 2024 - it may make a resurgence then also. Just upgrade when you need to and can afford it.

Yes, I love my office separate from my home and the battery/solar is amazing. I plan to double what I have by Winter to 8 solar panels (when solar power will be less available). I am heading back into VR today for a real look at the Vive Pro 2 performance vs. the Reverb G2 and versus the Index. I hope to keep on reviewing and hope they continue to prove useful to you.

Stay well!

No performance changes with 466.77 drivers.
AMD just released FidelityFX Super Resolution - the competitor to DLSS.
(it's not quite DLSS, but it's great for upscaling from 1440P>4K - it's in 7 games currently)

New GeForce 471.11 driver - Rodrigo will have a performance analysis next week after his next DDR4 review (this week)
(DLSS and/or RTX coming to Doom Eternal/Rust/Lego)

Vive Pro 2 review is OtW for this week. I had to do a deep dive into how the Vive console integrated with SteamVR
(not very well - but there are workarounds)

Pro 2 review ... not really worth $800 but it is a nice VR HMD
Big Grin 
Hello again apoppin, and BTR. I read the Pro 2 review was great. thanks for covering.  Drinks 
Wishing everyone a good and safe long weekend and HAPPY 4TH to all that celebrate and all the best. having a great weekend with great weather and everything is amazing.  Drinks enjoy the beers for anyone that drinks and have a good time. i just wanted to post a quick update on how i got lucky on my end.  Dance3 

as luck would have it my cousin has a friend that won a newegg shuffle. he already has a rtx gpu. he won te 3070ti evga for $600 and was going to sell it for way more online, but aftre some converging he was a nice guy and settled and sold it to me for $730. a bit more then i would want to pay but at least it was a BNIB GPU and the wait is over!!!!!!  i don't have to hunt anymore. i am really excited to test DLSS and RTX and all the amazing features. i am so excited, and ijust cant hide it  JC-LOL Dance3 Dance3 hopefully will get some time during the week,. for now its back to the enjoying the weekend and just wanted to share how happy i am and will be looking forward to playing with this new thing. it looks so beautiful. im so happy now. 

Thanks again BTR and apoppin,

[Image: 20210702-2342.jpg]
[Image: 20210704-207836.jpg]

Congratulations .... and Happy Independence Day Weekend!!
BTR's Solar powered office:

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