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What's happening at BTR *17*
This has got to be the most speculative and unique view of Jensen's keynote yesterday that you will ever see:

"A Gamer’s View of GTC 2021 featuring Jensen’s Keynote"


We can only hope
It turns out my "speculation" regarding Nvidia's Omniverse isn't speculation after all. I sat in on a Nvidia press briefing and asked about creating an "Oasis" style multiverse - they confirmed it. It's OtW.

The latest:
The latest:

New AMD Adrenalin annual driver SW updates bring new functionality (and best of all, choice of installations for minimal, driver only, or the full suite)

New driver Performance analysis of GeForce 466.11

Rodrigo got his 6700 XT today and will begin regular Adrenalin Radeon driver performance analysis soon
Rodrigo's latest keyboard review

"ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX Mechanical Keyboard Review"

New drivers out in advance of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition" on May 6. Rodrigo will have a new driver performance analysis out next Friday including a short performance review of the remade game.
BTR's ad campaign has run its course - and it was a great run. For now, there are no ads but we will return to hosting Google/Ezoic platform ads shortly to help keep BTR running. As usual, please report any issues here.

New review coming this week (for me, it's a "fun" review) - but I can't talk about it yet. Rodrigo has a driver performance analysis featuring the Enhanced Edition of Metro Exodus which is due next Saturday. Sean is working on the Sim Side Part 3 overview, and I have a lot scheduled.

Rumors claim (I have no personal knowledge of them) that Nvidia is releasing a RTX 3080 Ti this month. But my so far 'confirmed' schedule of reviews for May-June include (1) this week's review, (2) TeamGroup 64GB DDR4 upgrade for my 12GB i5 Quad-core notebook, (3) RX 6700 XT vs. RX 3070 VR review, (4) Latency review (AMD vs Nvidia) featuring a 360Hz ASUS/240Hz Samsung display, (5) desktop T-Force Create DDR4 3600mhz review, and a (6) self-contained Home office review featuring a solar/solar 'generator' back-up.

Stay tuned. There is always something good coming from BTR

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