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What's happening at BTR *17*
New mystery package arriving in the early to the middle of next week time frame. Expect a retro evaluation posted before then, and probably Mario's SSD review also. Added Just Cause 4 to the benching suite as game number 38 even though it is still buggy, and probably Overwatch will become game number 39. Planning to add Monster Hunter: World also.
Merry Christmas from here!
Merry Christmas!
Subnautica is free from Epic Games. I believe they have a new platform like Origin/Uplay/Steam


This offer is only valid through Christmas. It's a good game.

I am working today - a new retro review goes up tomorrow followed by a driver performance analysis and then something new for the new year including an expansion into regularly benchmarking a new feature for BTR.

Happy holidays!
"The HD 7970 vs. the GTX 680 – revisited after 7 years"

Expect a greatly expanded BTR benching suite in 2019 including a new feature, plus something brand new for the brand new year.

Happy New Year!

May your 2019 be happy and prosperous.

Hauʻoli makahiki hou
Happy new year you to and BTR as well, apoppin!

Any news? It's been a while since we have had any updates.

AMD appears to be poised to launch some of their new Zen 2 CPUs. Apparently something might be happening at CES within a few days. There was a leak the other day that showed that one of the chips has a 4.7ghz boost clock.

Anyhow, I hope all is well there. "Aloha" as you would say. ;)

Yes. I am working very hard on a new series of reviews to post next week. The holiday season has always been a very slow traffic time for BTR and instead of fighting this trend with a lot of articles that get very few views, I have been working on new features to be introduced this month including a greatly expanded benching suite of 50 games including multiplayer.

I am skipping CES this year completely and I won't post any news from there. It never brought BTR any traffic, so I am concentrating on what does instead.

As to AMD, there has been some progress with normalizing relations with them. Hopefully we will get to cover their new CPUs and video cards when they are released.

As they stay, 'stay tuned' ... changes are coming for 2019.
RTX 2060 available starting at $349 on January 15.



Check back in tomorrow morning.

In other news, Nvidia will support variable refresh rates in other than Gsync displays - i.e. FreeSync

Quote:There are hundreds of monitor models available capable of variable refresh rates (VRR) using the VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync protocol. However, the VRR gaming experience can vary widely.

To improve the experience for gamers, NVIDIA will test monitors. Those that pass our validation tests will be G-SYNC Compatible and enabled by default in the GeForce driver.

G-SYNC Compatible tests will identify monitors that deliver a baseline VRR experience on GeForce RTX 20-series and GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards, and activate their VRR features automatically.

Support for G-SYNC Compatible monitors will begin Jan. 15 with the launch of our first 2019 Game Ready driver. Already, 12 monitors have been validated as G-SYNC Compatible (from the 400 we have tested so far). We’ll continue to test monitors and update our support list. For gamers who have monitors that we have not yet tested, or that have failed validation, we’ll give you an option to manually enable VRR, too.

I wasn't planning to post any news from CES, but this caught my eye as portending our future in a dark/sad/ironic/funny sort of way:
Quote:Promobot robot killed by a self-driving Tesla car at CES 2019

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