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What's happening at BTR *17*
Bad news. I am working on my BF5 new patch/new driver review that promises 50% increases for DXR performance when I was greeted with this:

[Image: BFV-Update-delay-12.03.18-7.jpg]

NP. Just Cause 4 releases tomorrow. I'll work on a performance evaluation instead if BF5's patch is delayed for a long time.
BF5 is confirmed to have the new update tomorrow

Quote:Good news! The #Battlefield Chapter 1: Overture update is locked and loaded for deployment tomorrow, December 5th.

Our sincerest apologies for the delay. The team agreed it was best for the game’s health to hold off and fix the issues, so thank you for being so understanding!

So I'll bench DXR tomorrow and see if the performance increases.  The latest driver gave it a 3-5% performance increase over the last driver set even without the update.

As to Just Cause 4.  It's awful - I'd call it a mucking fess - to be polite.  

In its current state, it deserves a 5/10 - do not buy!  When it works OK, it is a recognizable part of the JC series, but the devs appeared to have actively tried to take the fun out of it by trying to change too much of what did work.  There are some really shitty missions, the story is stupider than usual, the graphics are a step back in many areas, and there is a lot of visual artifacting.  Did I mention bugs and screwed up cloud only saving after checkpoints that may or may not save after it is supposed to?  

It runs like crap on a RTX 2080 Ti.  Under 60 FPS in demanding sections at 4K with maxed out settings and there is nothing special about the way it looks whatsoever - other than the incredible draw distance.  Textures pop in and out, and water looks awful (generally).  

If they patch it, it will be a pretty good bargain bin experience if it is cheap enough. Physics is somewhat improved although the AI is just as stupid as before. And I found a great benchmark spot - as long as it doesn't artifact badly - which it often does upon reloading it.  It also takes too long to load even from a SSD.

Just Cause 2 was the high point of the series for me; 3 was a step down although fair, but JC 4 is awful.  I won't play any further.  The fun has gone out of Just Cause for me. I feel ripped off having paid $41 for it. But it will no doubt be popular and I'll use it as a benchmark (assuming the issues get fixed)

At least I don't have to play or review it any more than I just did now. Too bad I can't get a refund from Green Man Gaming. And I'd like the few (too many) hours I spent with it back.
New DLSS patch with a 14GB content update for FFVX. Benching now. I'll post the review tonight with 3 cards. DLSS only works for now at 3840x2160

(12-13-2018, 03:17 AM)apoppin Wrote: New DLSS patch with a 14GB content update for FFVX.  Benching now.  I'll post the review tonight with 3 cards.  DLSS only works for now at 3840x2160

Interesting findings and thank you for sharing.

Here is a video from Gamer's Nexus:

Note the hair comparison at 11:40. apoppin mentioned this in his review but it's interesting to see the shimmering artifacts in a video in real time. Look at the black leather behind the character's head. It's a shimmering mess on the DLSS side. This tech looks promising but I'm super disappointed that it's still half baked this long after the launch.

I am back at BTR by the way. I don't really want to talk about it. Let's just say that I value certain friendships and the positive I take away from posting here compared to the negatives I have been experiencing lately. I'm going to figure out a better way to navigate through that personally.
Steve is going to pick the worst cases as examples and will always focus on the negatives. That is the flaw of Youtube reviews - these reviewers have to pander to their LCD audience who require extreme examples of everything; and it's why I dismiss the medium as overall inferior to text-based reviews.

Even though DLSS is still in beta - brand new - in FFXV it is *overall* better than TAA - which is a slower, blurry, and crawling mess in comparison. DLSS is not perfect by any means, but then no post processing is - all forms of AA have their flaws. SGSSAA, the "best" method of MSAA, uses the very expensive SuperSampling to sharpen everything - yet it does not address the camera in motion - it looks awesome in screenshots - or only if you stop moving and just look around in the game world; not if you play it - and it is also limited to 1080P or with older games. And I am certain that Nvidia and Square Enix will continue to train their AI to improve DLSS - TAA is stuck with what we have because it has been used for years and it has not improved; the blur is an inherent issue.

DLSS sharpens everything. It's in its infancy and already it is the equal-plus of TAA - yet it gives significantly better performance. When you are *playing* Final Fantasy, you won't notice the hair and the minor artifacting. Just like when you are playing FF with TAA your mind ignores the blur, the shimmering and the crawling. But you do notice the significantly increased performance with DLSS.

Anyway, I am going to spend a lot less time here on the forum. My focus will now be on the tech site and on my reviews - not on social media posting or on any forums. These BTR forums are for the members to discuss - not for me to socialize - but rather to discuss and explain my reviews, and to get constructive criticism, and maybe even direction for future reviews. I will be interested in posting about reviews and tech-related, not politics.

I have recently been posting on average 3 articles a week, and even r/AMD upvoted my latest Adrenalin 2019 driver performance review by a wide margin to the naysayers and trolls who pick on everything to feed their own egos. BTR's benching suite will reach 40 games, maybe even 50; so I won't have a lot of time for anything else. I am adding Overwatch as soon as I figure out how to spectate custom games using 'bots on a custom map. Latency is good on my Frontier Internet and I am upgrading to 45Mbps and plan to add more popular multiplayer games to my benching suite. This evening I hope to have a unique article on Turing completed and posted tomorrow. And early next week, expect another review in BTR's "retro" series. I am not sure that I care to go to CES this year at all.
Sounds like a good plan to me. Best wishes from here. I hope your health holds up.
Thank-you. Two new reviews are coming today and tomorrow. One is a HyperX SSD review by Mario, and the other is a surprising look at the RTX 2080 Ti. The upcoming retro review is scheduled for Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!

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