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What's happening at BTR *17*
What's happening at BTR *16* has been closed since it got too long for easy searching as an archive. However, feel free to carry over any conversation from there to here as No. 17 is the new catch-all thread of what is happening and related (somewhat) to BTR.


We last discussed a lot of unrelated things ... however, the point I made was that I would try to do "popular" and short reviews instead of mega reviews after discovering that my last Driver Performance Analysis got 4X the traffic more than the mega BFV review that took two reviewers a week to complete.

So, I'm working on GeForce 417.01 for posting Thursday as part of BTR resurrected driver performance analysis series. I just bought Monster Hunter World from Walmart online for $30 and it will become game number 38 in my benching suite. Just Cause 4 comes out on December 4 (possibly with DLSS), so there is another driver performance analysis to perform, and it will become game number 39 in time for AMD's annual performance driver which will lead to BTR's driver *showdown* between Radeon and GeForce's Midrange (RTX 2070 vs Vega 56/GTX 1060 vs RX 590) in mid-December.
Done digging, the leaking ancient irrigation system is cut out of the system and (hopefully) patched. And I got my attic turbine covered and ViaCrap off of my roof. Also a pic of last night after sunset. A big storm is coming tonight.

Now lunch, then a nap, turn on the water, and refill the hole - then back to "work"

[Image: DSCN4949.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4945.jpg]
At least your property was well irrigated I guess?

Good job getting that done. Beautiful sunset. I would show you our gloomy cloudset but it's too depressing. And the sun went down a long time ago here. I get home from work and it's dark basically. I wish I could live where you live in the winter and where I live in the summer. You should come up here some time in the summer. You'll see why I like it so much.
I have been to your country in the Summer. I went to Alaska via the Alaska Highway when I was young - it was a 2 month journey. I loved the fact that the sun set about 1 AM and was back up at 3 AM. I loved fishing there also. I visited British Columbia, Alberta, and Yukon - cool and awesome weather - in Summer. And I have also been to Toronto, but only to the airport in late December. Cold. Cold. Cold.
I’ll get you here one day. You went to Europe and practically all the way around the world to attend a tech convention. I can get you up here for some nice weather in the summer. It’s just too bad you probably couldn’t handle the north up here. It is particularly stunning. Where we go is quite physically demanding.
The off topic comments last night were moved to ... Off topic. The conversation may be continued there ... or not.


This post is generally for BTR-related.


Quote:AMD’s Dr. Lisa Su is expecting the graphics card market to remain ‘depressed’ throughout the first quarter of 2019. Fingers crossed, with the new Navi GPUs set to arrive in the following quarter, things will look a lot cheerier once fresh Radeons are out and I can stop taking the fluoxetine.

I didn't know Dr. Su took anti-depressants

Anyway, she says that the channel will clear inventory in a couple of quarters and they will again be competitive in the high end.

Quote:When asked about the competition launching its new Nvidia Turing range, and AMD’s ability to compete with ray tracing, she countered talking about its own new graphics products.

“We will be very competitive overall and that includes the high-end of the GPU market,” says Dr. Su. “Obviously, there are some new products out there from our competition. We will have our set of new products as well and we’ll be right there in the mix.”

With regards to the ray tracing component of AMD’s future GPUs she remains a lot more cautious, repeating its concerns that ray tracing will only really be relevant once the ecosystem evolves and mainstream graphics cards are capable of using it.

“I think it’s an important technology,” she says. “But as with all important technologies it takes time to really have the ecosystem adopt. And we are working very closely with the ecosystem on both hardware and software solutions and expect that ray tracing will be an important element, especially as it gets more into the mainstream.”


Quote:The add-in board market decreased in Q3'18 from last quarter while Nvidia gained market share. Over $2.5 billion dollars of AIBs shipped in the quarter.

Quarter-to-quarter graphics board shipments decreased by 19.2% and decreased by 36.1% year-to-year.

The market shares for the desktop discrete GPU suppliers shifted in the quarter, Nvidia increased market share from last quarter, it also increased share from the same quarter last year.

[Image: Q3-image-002.PNG]

Market share changes quarter-to-quarter, and year-to-year
“The third quarter is normally the strongest from the previous quarter. This quarter it was down -19.2% from the last quarter,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, President of JPR. “That is below the ten-year average of 14.9% and was caused by too much inventory in the channel due to a misjudgment on the strength of the crypto-mining demand.”

Since 1981, 2,083 million AIBs have been shipped.

For the year $4.4 billion of AIBs have been sold

Adrenalin 18.12.01 dropped yesterday and a Radeon Performance Analysis will be posted by Monday. Just Cause 4 is due on Tuesday and it will become BTR's 38th benchmark.
Beware. I would not recommend installing the latest Radeon 18.12.1 driver if you play any Vulkan games. There is a serious bug (on the Vulkan side - but it didn't affect my GeForce driver installation) that crashed all Vulkan games to desktop. The "fixes" take a long time (editing the registry, using DDU, etc.) and they did not work for me. So I am leaving off a few games and will post the performance analysis on Monday afternoon (anyway).



The Vulkan bug seems to be configuration dependent - I was able to install the Vega 56 (using DDU) and it can run Vulkan games. After I am done benching with 56, I'll try and reinstall the RX 590 without updating any drivers and see what happens.

I was at Nvidia's WebEx presentation last week and this AI use seems rather far off and only proof of concept so far - except for one very practical use for this AI in gaming.

It appears that it would be relatively easy for a developer to set it up to allow players to upload images of themselves and their friends to the game's cloud, and their virtual selves would appear in the game.

It would make cooperative online MP games much more fun to play with the likenesses of yourself and your friends in the game world. I also like the implications for VR. Another step on the way to creating VR worlds similar to Oasis perhaps.

New top Turing Titan RTX with 24GB of GDDR6 also announced for $2500. Of course I asked for one .. why not? I would say damn near impossible to get one.

AMD driver performance analysis due later today.

AND new Nvidia driver in preparation for the new BFV patch (tomorrow) that improves the performance of Turing Cards - I will have a new DXR performance update up shortly after the patch drops.

The drivers should be up soon.

New AMD SW driver performance analysis:


And BTR has reconnected as a media partner with AMD going forward.


Watch for a new review tomorrow revisiting Battlefield's DXR performance with the new patch and latest GeForce Drivers 417.22

Nvidia says to expect a 50% performance improvement in DXR

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