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What's happening at BTR *16*
Sure .. on a TV with an image upscaled to 1080P and at 30 fps on a PS4 or Xbone

(09-12-2018, 06:46 AM)apoppin Wrote: Sure .. on a TV with an image upscaled to 1080P and at 30 fps on a PS4 or Xbone


Annoyed now you are grasping at straws lol. The X and pro can run most games at 4k 30fps and the base models do just fine for 1080 p at a significantly lower buy in price. Has nothing to do with the conversation and again, competition breeds innovation/development/competitive pricing and if AMD had an actual horse to put in the race maybe there would be less greed.

Maybe you should read the Whitepaper ...

(09-12-2018, 01:49 PM)gstanford Wrote: Sure, give me a link to the whitepaper and I'll be happy to.  In the meantime, what I said above is pretty accurate.

I could give you the link .. but it is password protected for now.

"Pretty accurate" is not accurate.

Pixar also uses AI denosing in their films ... I guess you are not satisfied with their images either
(09-12-2018, 02:11 PM)gstanford Wrote: I'm quite capable of finding links.

posted above is a video from the nvidia developer website showing how their raytracing works and it shows the noise stage too.

OK, I guess you won't need my link then

AI denosing isn't perfect but it is good enough for Pixar. It's a necessary step forward for gaming. I have been following AI denosing for years and have watched it improve ... from being rendered in real time on a supercomputer, to multiple DGX workstations, to a single DGX, to a Titan V .. and now in real time on a single GeForce. I call it progress. You can call it whatever you like

If you don't want RTX, stay far far away. I can only imagine what you guys Down Under will have to pay for them with your insane hardware tax and price gouging your country and etailers add to the prices anyway. Not to mention you are on a deprecated OS that cannot even use DX12. More Sour Grapes.

Perhaps you should get your eyes checked. But then why bother? You are stuck at 1080P and can't use RTX at all.

(09-12-2018, 02:39 PM)gstanford Wrote: I could RayTrace just fine on Pascal if I wanted to, the M$ DXR library has a shader fallback path in it.  Of course I'd need DX12.

I will be on 1080p for a very long time to come.  This tv is in excellent nick and there is an identical replacement in storage for when it does die on me.  DSR is a very effective technology.

There is a reason why nvidia demos raytracing with simple scenes that don't have a lot of texture detail on objects -- it is to hide the loss of fine detail their denoising technique causes....

We are pretty much back to the days of gourad shading polygons with no textures....

Sure, you *could* RT very slowly on Pascal ... IF you upgraded your deprecated OS

[Image: SG.jpg]
(09-12-2018, 02:59 PM)gstanford Wrote: Someone ought to get an anti-trust case started against M$ for their DX and OS bundling tactics.

Why don't you get it started? I will give you a hand best I can.

UPDATE: I am swapping out my PSU. All indications are that it is not delivering clean power. The GTX 1080 had no issues, but the 1080 Ti had a few unexplained shutdowns, and the Titan Xp is crashing the PC under any kind of load. That escalation of cards requiring more and more power, points to the PSU in my own troubleshooting book.

Fortunately, I have a back-up new Seasonic Gold Focus 850 W PSU as back-up. If everything works fine, then I will try to RMA my EVGA G1000. I am pretty sure it is not yet out of the 5 year warranty period.
-- and if it is not the PSU, it would probably be the MB ... it'll take me awhile to swap it out of my DG-77 where it is at the bottom of the case in its own compartment.

Latest JPR report
Quote:This is the latest report from Jon Peddie Research on the GPUs used in PCs. It is reporting on the results of Q2'18 GPU shipments worldwide.
Overall GPU shipments INCREASED 0.2% from last quarter, AMD's shipments decreased -1%, Nvidia -7.5% while Intel, increased 2.6% - this is an upwards revision from our 29 August news release.

Year-to-year total GPU shipments decreased -3.3%, desktop graphics decreased -2.8%, notebooks decreased -3.3%.

The PC market is definitely showing more stabilization after having shaken off the run up from crypto-mining, overall volume slipped year-to-year but with bright spots for the market from quarter-to-quarter.
Q1'18 can be marked as the peak and end of the use of GPUs for crypto-mining. Desktop GPUs, which went into mining rigs, have dropped back to their normal volume.

The second quarter is typically down from the previous quarter in the seasonal cycles of the past. For Q2'18 it INCREASED 0.2% from last quarter and was below the ten-year average of 2.9%.

Quick highlights
AMD's overall market share decreased -0.2% quarter-to-quarter, Intel's total market share increased 1.6% from last quarter, and Nvidia's decreased -1.4%.
The attach rate of GPUs (includes integrated and discrete GPUs) to PCs for the quarter was 138% which was down -1.6% from last quarter.
Discrete GPUs were in 35% of PCs, down -4% from last quarter.
The overall PC market increased 1.9% quarter-to-quarter and increased 2% year-to-year.
Desktop graphics add-in boards (AIBs) that use discrete GPUs decreased -22% from last quarter.
Q2'18 saw a no change in tablet shipments from last quarter.
This turned out to be one of the more entertaining threads in the history of BTR.
(09-12-2018, 08:12 PM)SickBeast Wrote: This turned out to be one of the more entertaining threads in the history of BTR.

Great, I'll ask Mario for a new emoticon.

[Image: 800px_COLOURBOX7678491.jpg]

This is just a Coming Attraction; Wait for the Reviews

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