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New Mini-contest .. and Prey is your reward if ...
Well, this contest will be mercifully short. Tracking shows it will be delivered today.


I'll unveil it when it arrives ... shall I post some pics?


I'm still working on the FTW MB. VERY few modern games scale with CPU frequency. I am in shock.
- it's going to be a VERY short list ... I might be able to finish up in a day or so

Thankfully GTA V scales pretty well
(11-15-2017, 03:29 PM)gstanford Wrote:
(11-15-2017, 02:13 PM)apoppin Wrote: It doesn't look like anyone else cares to win that Prey key - it's a pretty good game!

At any rate, a new video card is on the way ... and I am still deep into benching the FTW MB
- frankly, I am not so sure about CPU overclocking any more.

And we may have a reveal today . .  . .  . .

I have it already and yes, it is a decent game.  Arkane studios put out some interesting games, that's for sure I like Dishonored 1 & 2 as well and got right into Dark Messiah of Might and Magic back in the day.  The Bioshock series was OK, technically good, but I didn't really care for it except for Infinite.
I really like Dishonored 2 and hope to go back and finish it and perhaps get the stand-alone expansion.

Do you want to make a guess ... as to which card is arriving today ... anyway?

(11-15-2017, 03:45 PM)gstanford Wrote: I wouldn't have a clue.  Maybe a founders Star Wars GTX1080 Ti collectors edition?

I have Prey on PS4.  I pretty much agree with this review of it.  For me it is BioShock meets DeusEx HR with a little HalfLife chucked in for good measure.  Apparently he thinks it draws on the System Shock series also, but I could never get into them, so I couldn't say.


Thank-you for your guess.

I also reviewed Prey and gave it an 8/10. I agree with his criticism - especially about the stupidly difficult ending - it never lets up and you never feel overpowered like you did in SS2 and BioShock series.

(11-15-2017, 04:14 PM)gstanford Wrote: Oops I meant to say Titan Xp, not GTX1080 Ti.  I don't really pay attention to that end of the market.  Not that it matters anyway, I'm not looking to win the contest or anything.

Well, I didn't even cover its launch on the main page although I got notice about it from Nvidia. I have been really busy ....

I am finding the old games still scale well with increasing CPU frequency. Thankfully there are a few out of 35. At any rate, I think I can finish up the FTW benching tomorrow, and get started on whatever new card I get today right after.

There are going to be a few back-to-back evaluations posted here over the next few weeks.
:wait: .. but you won't have to wait long ... and it's just a mini-contest for my AMD Rewards extra Prey key. Good luck to the winner. I'll announce this afternoon ... and guesses are still open until then - 1 per hour.
Ok my next guess is:

Titan X Collector's Edition, Greg kinda sorta already guessed that, though. Dodgy Thinking :doh:
(11-15-2017, 08:59 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Ok my next guess is:

Titan X Collector's Edition, Greg kinda sorta already guessed that, though.  Dodgy  Thinking  :doh:

I'd say something about this point ... but ... :wait:


Keep those guessing coming.
It arrived but I may be under NDA. I am checking to see what I can say

In the meantime, keep the guesses coming in.
LOL I guess we have to wait to see who wins then. :)

I'm all out of guesses, for now. I will think about it some more tonight.
(11-15-2017, 10:40 PM)SickBeast Wrote: LOL I guess we have to wait to see who wins then. :)

I'm all out of guesses, for now.  I will think about it some more tonight.

What can I do? You have to wait another day or two or until I get permission to talk about it.

And I am suspending my EVGA FTW MB evaluation for a couple of days.
Interesting. It sounds like you have quite the interesting card to review if you're having to put other stuff on hold. Good luck! I hope your Coffee Lake platform remains stable.

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