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TITAN X vs. 290X CrossFire vs. GTX 980 SLI
Quite impressive.  And it makes no sense to me that Nvidia will release something faster than Titan X for less money (i.e. GTX 980 Ti).  However, maybe a Ti that is a little slower than Titan X to compete with 390X on price and performance.

If you notice that PC does NOT say "the world's fastest single GPU Video card" - which they would claim if they could.
-- rather it is "most advanced" with HBM and probably slower than the TITAN X overall as we are expecting (not what the Advocates are expecting)
[Image: minipage_pic02.jpg]

It seems to me that AMD may be returning to the 2900XT versus the 8800-GTS style of positioning instead of against the top GTX.  Their new CEO appears to be less aggressive and more pragmatic than Read.  AMD will play the HBM and "value" card is my prediction.  Nvidia should be ready for this strategy having had months and months and months to prepare for it.

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