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Enter to Win HERE - BTR's July Contest [Updated]
2 out of 6 members who entered will win. Awesome odds!!

And I better get back to work. I only have 12-1/2 hours to go!!

I might check back here less frequently until I lock the thread tonight.

Good luck! I will check in tomorrow morning. Good luck to everyone that entered the contest!
The contest is now closed. Thank-you for playing and good luck to all who entered
Here are the guesses. Please check them to make sure that I have got them correct. Only one of you is fairly close.
- I'll announce the actual Firestrike Extreme score as soon as I can after publishing the GTX 1060 evaluation in about 50 minutes.

SickBeast - 6800
Happy Medium - 6907
Versifier - 7121
Pokora - 7200
GStanford - 3900
Follow4Contests - 10,275

Thank-you for entering. Two of you have won prizes. (1) A PC game of your choice under $60, and (2) a Humble Bundle of Tell Tale games.

And ... I got 3 hours of total sleep last night. Definitely check your scores and PM me if I made any errors. You can also post in the "What's Happening ..." Thread
We have a Grand Prize winner - SickBeast
We have a runner up - Happy Medium

Congratulations! And thank-you to all who participated!!

We will have another contest soon.

[Image: 1060-OC.jpg?w=778]
So far, we have heard from one of the prize winners, SickBeast. He has won his choice of AAA PC game under $60. We have yet to hear from the Runner Up, Happy Medium to claim his prize.

Quote:The winner will be announced on BTR’s community forum in the contest thread at 9 AM PT on July 20, and a game key will be awarded to the winner within 24 hours after they respond*. The runner up will get a Telltale Humble Bundle which keys may be redeemed on Steam*.
*If the winner does not respond within 24 hours of the announcement on July 20 at 9 AM PT, the Grand prize will be awarded to the runner up and the third closest guess will get the Telltale Humble Bundle runner’s up prize, etc.. The maximum dollar value of the Grand Prize PC Game is $60.
Email or PM me please!

You have until July 21 at 6AM ET to claim your prize.
(Thursday AM)

I guess I made the announcement early .. but I want to make sure you get your prize bundle.
OK. This is the official announcement.
(first it was too early, and now it is 20 minutes late)

SickBeast won the grand prize of a AAA game and Happy Medium was runner up for a Tell Tale game bundle.
- Both of them have claimed their prizes.

Our congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to those who entered! Thank-you for supporting BTR's community.

Next up, I am working on another contest for August. Hopefully, I can get more sponsors for it.

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