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RE: New Contest this week! - apoppin - 06-09-2016

I'll repeat the same information in the latest "What's Happening" post since it tends to get lost.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be the Grand Prize in our June Contest. I am just waiting for the key. In the meantime, I bought the game, D/Led it and have been benching it (with experience in the beta)

I am still working on creating a benchmark now for my GeForce WHQL Driver's Performance analysis to be published at the weekend. It looks like the tutorial is probably the best section of the game to do it from playing the beta, and it is fairly representative of gameplay in general.

I am not going to test at Hyper settings (above Ultra) since it mostly requires 8GB of vRAM (although 6GB seems sufficient) and that would cripple cards like the GTX 970 and Fury X. So default Ultra settings seem fine. Hyper is about 15-20% more demanding than Ultra and runs best (at 1440P) on a GTX 1080/1070/980Ti. Hyper gives a few more demanding settings and an expanded FoV (which are nice, but I doubt anyone will notice much difference in actually playing the game). So Ultra it is.

I also think as the latest AAA title to be released - and a decent game overall - Mirror's Edge Catalyst will make for a good grand prize for our next (June) contest (shortly).

Comments? Agree? Disagree?

Please LMK

RE: New Contest this week! - apoppin - 06-09-2016

(06-09-2016, 03:27 PM)gstanford Wrote: Sounds good.  Don't think anyone can criticize a recent AAA title as a contest prize.

The good news is - if you win it - it will have an SLI profile

RE: New Contest this week! - SickBeast - 06-10-2016

The new contest sounds great. :)

Thanks for organizing this, apoppin!

RE: New Contest this week! - happy medium - 06-10-2016

cool I wanted to try that game..