Content Value

Protecting Great Video Is Like Practicing Tough Love   At NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), one of the mixed emotion subjects that spread throughout the packed halls was that “brave, creative” TDO (TheDarkOverlord) had snagged most of fifth season’s segments of Netflix’s very popular show,… Read More

Smart Toys for Tots

Toys are Getting Smarter, More Educational but Riskier “Second star to the right and straight on till morning” – “Peter Pan,” Disney, 1953 If you want to know what your kid is going to be begging you for this Christmas (yes, it’s not too early… Read More

Social Shift

Social Media is the Customers’ Domain, Not Marketing’s If Tim Berners-Lee, often called the inventor of the World Wide Web, had known that his development of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) back in 1989 would become a huge, unrelenting ad hose, he might have changed his… Read More

Nasty Folks

The Best Protection We Can Give People is Respect   There are 7.6B (oops 7.6 + 2) people on the planet and 3.5B, 2001-plus are on the internet. In this online mass of humanity there’s a good chance that someone doesn’t like you much, is… Read More