Next Up for VR

Enhanced Creative Tools Being Released into the Wild   Normal people don’t know – or care – about the difference between a CPU (central processing unit) and a GPU (graphic processing unit). They simply want to use their computers to create and view great content.… Read More

Women in Film

Diversity in M&E Should Be the Norm, Not the Exception     Sometimes my daughter and I don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to movies. After seeing the tentpole fiction movie Wonder Woman, she summed up the movie saying, “She was a total badass!”  (I… Read More


NVIDIA collaborates with Activision and Bungie to Bring Destiny 2 to PC! E3 starts today and runs March 13-15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and BTR will report from there tomorrow.  In today’s news, NVIDIA has announced it is partnering with Activision and Bungie,… Read More

Fastest Race at NAB

The Right Content on the Right Device at the Right Time     ATSC (Advanced Television Standards Committee) 3.0 hasn’t been implemented globally quite yet; but it is well established in Korea – in preparation for the Olympics; and is slowly being rolled out in… Read More

Entertainment Unleashed

TV Is Evolving to Meet the Needs of Content Producers, Viewers   Last weekend, instead of idly relaxing, I made myself think…I read a book. Yes, it was an honest-to-gawd book.  You know, cover, pages of words, zero pictures, the whole nine yards. After seeing… Read More