Holiday Hangover

Next Year, Let’s Think “A Little” About the Recipient   Between the rush of retailers to entice me to buy more and the sudden love/attention the press gets from publicists to meet with someone about something at CES, my inbox runneth over this year! It… Read More

The Smart Home Puzzle

Your Castle – The Smart Home Puzzle is Missing a Few Pieces I’d made up my mind. This is our year for the smart home! We’ve nibbled at the edges for some time: Wired/wireless network for devices Smart TVs (yes, 4K HDR) Semi-smart entertainment system… Read More

Team Development

Office Perks Fade, Attention to Personnel Doesn’t With today’s low unemployment rate and skilled employees in high demand, it’s difficult to attract and retain outstanding employees at almost any level and of any age. It’s especially difficult finding and keeping those who represent the largest… Read More

New Consumer

Today’s Customer Demands a New Breed of Marketing If I were a malware writer looking to penetrate/infect companies, I’d target the marketing department with the best phishing bait possible: 5 Ways to Win Millennials Capture the Minds, Souls of Gen-Zers Now CMOs (chief marketing officers)… Read More

VR Progress

Learning, Testing the Boundaries of New Content Production           There are many ways to describe VR film shooting, production. For me, it’s like open ocean scuba diving. Get down 40-60 feet and you’re immersed in a world of nothingness. All around… Read More

Social Shift

Social Media is the Customers’ Domain, Not Marketing’s If Tim Berners-Lee, often called the inventor of the World Wide Web, had known that his development of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) back in 1989 would become a huge, unrelenting ad hose, he might have changed his… Read More

VR Work

Post Production – The Drudgery Part of VR Filmmaking If you were lucky enough to live in the Americas, you were able to watch most of the Summer Olympics in near real time – streamed to your computer at the office, to your smartphone when… Read More