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Firms Struggle to Gather, Manage, Secure All Your Data Today, companies (and others) swim in a sea of data. And the sea level is rising … rapidly. Tens of millions of people are connected with computers, tablets, smartphones. There are billions of sensors. Trillions of… Read More

Everyone Sells or Buys

Check Your Title at the Door … Focus on the Job Somewhere along the line, we got sidetracked into focusing all of our attention on becoming a recognized professional in a recognized, “respectable” field. We got busy Tweeting, Facebook/LinkedIn/Snapchat posting and “friend” hunting. We forgot… Read More

Mobile Payments

U.S. Needs to Catch Up with Global Mobile Wallet Marketplace You know Google Wallet, PayPal, bitcoin and the other digital forms have been working for years to convince you to abandon plastic with very little success. The digital solution for the cash-less society just hasn’t… Read More

New Tech, New Work

New Technologies and Gen Yers Enable A Different View of Work/Life   You may not realize it, but there’s a correlation between the Me Gen’s fascination with zombies, the rapid growth of smartphones/tablets, the rejection of having a computer at every desk and finally, the future… Read More

The Technological Singularity

Converging Technology Will Help Humans Move Aside   I love good science fiction because there is always a glimpse of a thought, an idea that ultimately becomes something tangible in our world. But Elon Musk’s (Tesla, SpaceX) and Stephen Hawking’s warning about perfecting AI (artificial… Read More

Toxic Workers

Business Action – Accent the Positive, Eliminate the Negative You’ve probably read about the best places to work and wish you worked there. You’ve also read some of  those people really aren’t happy to go to work this morning. They can’t both be right. Maybe… Read More