Drones Raise Filmmaking Opportunities

Visible Flight  Walking around the drone pavilion at NAB this year, it was surprising to see the advances equipment and software organizations have made for filmmakers in just a few short years.  New flying platforms, camera controls and stabilizing systems as well as affordable, lightweight,… Read More


4K, HDR Were Fast, Beautiful and Took Up a Lot of Space at NAB While there was a lot of excitement at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show; there was also an underecurrent of uncertainty on the rapid changes taking place in the industry.… Read More

Content Value

Protecting Great Video Is Like Practicing Tough Love   At NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), one of the mixed emotion subjects that spread throughout the packed halls was that “brave, creative” TDO (TheDarkOverlord) had snagged most of fifth season’s segments of Netflix’s very popular show,… Read More

AI is Wrong

Intelligence Assistants Are Augmented, Not Artificial   The other day, I went into the family room to get something and forgot what it was so I asked, “Alexa, what did I come in here for?” Silence! So, I whipped out my ever-present phone and said,… Read More

Content View

Service Providers, Advertisers Have to Pay Closer Attention Remember the “good ole days?” You’d come home from a rough day at work, grab a beverage, walk over and turn on the TV, sit in your chair and watch whatever. Today, we’re suffering from a glut… Read More


Making Streaming Content Enjoyable for Everyone A few weeks ago, I was in San Francisco and ran into a lady friend. She was watching some of the dumb stuff on YouTube while I was catching up on a hilarious episodic comic series on Amazon Prime,… Read More


Good Influencer Reviews Begin with Great Leaders   With the growing popularity of YouTube and Facebook Influencer, Marketing has become the mantra of social media marketers. They figure the folks with the biggest follower numbers mean more eyeballs. And people who don’t have the huge… Read More

The Shooter’s Job(s)

Filmmakers Expand Their Skill Set in New Environment   You meet the most interesting folks at film festivals – Sundance, Tribeca, Cinquest, etc. – and sometimes, a casual filmmaker introduction turns into something really special. At Sundance, for example, Cirina Catania, founder/creative director of The… Read More