Millenial Mom a Major Contributor

Millennial Moms Are More Than Just Sales Targets     Mixed in among the really important stuff like drones, smartphones, laptops, entertainment systems, VR headsets, cars; CES has got to be the biggest congregation of tech toys you’ll find– except maybe the Hong Kong Toy… Read More

The Smart City Holy Grail

The Smart City Just Might Be an Engineer’s Unfulfilled Dream   We’ve lived most of our adult life in Silicon Valley or what some call a bubble environment. You know: Everyone and nearly everything is connected 24/7. Everyone has 4-5 devices with them all the… Read More

An Interview with a VR Filmmaker

Post-Dubai VR Interview with Lewis Smithingham, president, 30ninjas Shortly after his return from the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), we caught up with Lewis Smithingham, president of 30ninjas at CES in Las Vegas where he was busy shooting and producing VR (virtual reality) content for… Read More

VR Progress

The Alternate World of Virtual Reality at CES   Even though industry analysts are lukewarm on the success of VR (virtual reality), you couldn’t tell it as you navigated around many of the booths during CES with HMDs (head-mounted displays) taking you into fantastic immersive… Read More

Drones Taking Flight

Consumer Drones Are Nuisances, Not Profits     At CES, a whole new flock of fly-high, fly-fast, fly-bad drones were introduced and now the category is suddenly destined to be the next monstrous consumer category. Some were so small they fit in the palm of… Read More

Holiday Hangover

Next Year, Let’s Think “A Little” About the Recipient   Between the rush of retailers to entice me to buy more and the sudden love/attention the press gets from publicists to meet with someone about something at CES, my inbox runneth over this year! It… Read More

The Smart Home Puzzle

Your Castle – The Smart Home Puzzle is Missing a Few Pieces I’d made up my mind. This is our year for the smart home! We’ve nibbled at the edges for some time: Wired/wireless network for devices Smart TVs (yes, 4K HDR) Semi-smart entertainment system… Read More