AI is Wrong

Intelligence Assistants Are Augmented, Not Artificial   The other day, I went into the family room to get something and forgot what it was so I asked, “Alexa, what did I come in here for?” Silence! So, I whipped out my ever-present phone and said,… Read More

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Service Providers, Advertisers Have to Pay Closer Attention Remember the “good ole days?” You’d come home from a rough day at work, grab a beverage, walk over and turn on the TV, sit in your chair and watch whatever. Today, we’re suffering from a glut… Read More

Mass Effect: Andromeda Ansel Contest

We love contests at BTR and NVIDIA has just announced an in-game photography competition that allows players of Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC to put their screenshot artistry to the test by creating and sharing their best imges using NVIDIA Ansel, a great new way to capture in-game… Read More