Your Presentation

Your Presentation Is About Informing, Persuading, Not Selling   There you sit, one of four people on a panel at a conference listening to some idiot rushing through 20 overstuffed PowerPoint slides, droning on and on about his product. He’s supposed to have a 10-minute… Read More


Marketing is Focused on the Masses Instead of Individuals             Company engineers, designers and marketers are coming up with some fantastic products and product ideas.  They’re just having a helluva’ time convincing folks that they’ve gotta’ have them. They’ve gotten increasingly good at ad tracking… Read More

Marketing Types

Success Requires Team Leaders, Not Legends in Their Own MindsIf you want to see how passionate people are about their great ideas, attend South by SouthWest (SXSW) or one of the many DEMO events held each year.   Three or four people stand on the… Read More

New Creators

Video Viewing Will Transition from Quantity to Quality There isn’t really a shortage of good/great video storytelling.  It’s just hard to find in the morass! Take this summer: The severely challenged TV industry had its upfronts – that’s where TV industry moguls hawk their new… Read More