Data Diddling

Data Diddling – Customers Should Always Come Before Big Data I admit it. I’m really bad at things like balancing a checkbook. In fact, all things mathematical. Bad?  Pathetic is a more accurate description. I had to take something called mathematics of life insurance my last… Read More

Your Smart Things

Your Things – It’s Important that Your Stuff Talks Only to Your Other Stuff It was with more than passing curiosity I spent a decent time in Sands Expo at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year. My wife had decided it was time to “refresh” our… Read More

Protecting the ‘Net

The Internet is Robust but Fragile, Requiring Attention, Protection Gunpowder, which was invented during the Tang Dynasty in the 9th century; and the Internet, originally ARPANET (U.S. Advanced Research Projects Network) which was developed in the early 1960s, may be centuries apart but they have… Read More