Moving to New Devices

More Instruments – It’s Getting Harder to Justify Moving to New Devices Recently, I was talking with a friend who was struggling with a major purchase decision for her film workflow: Desktop iMac MacBook Pro Each had features she wanted/needed.  Each had limitations. She had already… Read More

Civilizing the loT Wild West

 Land Rush! – It’s Time to Civilize the IoT Wild West Recently, I compared notes with Rob Enderle (Enderle Group) about the “good ol’ days” of smallish summer CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and the recent behemoth that featured everything from everyone, from everywhere. Sure, there… Read More

Keep Your Eyes to the Skies

Drones’ Good, Bad … Keep Your Eyes to the Skies as Drones Fly Out of Stores It’s estimated that 1M UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones if you prefer were gifted this Christmas. All I can think of are my two favorite orators: Will Rogers –… Read More

Helping Consumers Jump to Tomorrow

Ask, Listen – Consumers Need Time/Help to Jump to Tomorrow Every day; engineers, programmers, brilliant idea folks– physically and remotely– sit around conference tables around the globe to plan the next insanely great IoT (Internet of Things), IoE (Internet of Everything), smart car, flying thing, smart… Read More