The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead —2016 –A year of Technology Cloud Bursts, El Nino-Like Changes It may not be a profound observation; but every day we get up, the damn world has changed.  No wonder 2015 passed so quickly; and we’re staring at a totally new world… Read More

Wearing Targets

Always Capturing Personal Info, Wearables Are Giant Siphons I’ve been thinking about getting a fitness or activity wearable to help me “shave” a few percentage points off my BMI (body mass index). My doctor said it wasn’t bad since I’m a vegetarian, exercise five days… Read More

Tradeshow Whys

Marketing is Marketing, Tradeshows are … Something Else “How many times have you attended/participated in/walked our show?” Peter Owen, chairman of the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) Council asked me during a break at another conference. Come on, everyone in the M&E (media & entertainment) industry… Read More

The Best Marketing Directions

Not long ago, “The New York Times” ran a rant that social media was having a negative effect on quality journalism. When Dan Gilmore, former tech writer for the “San Jose Mercury News”, first advanced the idea of citizen journalism as the web and social… Read More