Tellywood focuses on Alternate Realities

Tellywood Focuses on Immersive Content 2015 hasn’t exactly been a blockbuster film release year but SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) 2015 Symposium attendees are eternally optimistic that tomorrow’s releases will be richer, better and there will be more. While VR (virtual reality)… Read More


 Brand Managers Have to Listen to Influentials, Not Influence Them According to half of all marketers in a recent Duke University study they can’t measure how their social media spending helps their brands. Of course the only time they think much about ROI (return on… Read More

Drones Are Taking Off

New Flight – Despite Hurdles, Drones Are Taking Off With units selling for $80 to $30,000 plus, there are a lot of drones available and a lot that fall (pun intended) between idiot toys and military armament. This year, sales are projected to be about 4.3M… Read More