Hooked – VR augments the viewing experience by hijacking the viewer’s senses and taking them into the alternate world for a short period of time.  Extensive discussion has already taken place on the possible issues of the effect of the altered state.

VR Everywhere

The Virtual Buzz at IBC Starts to Look Real The HMD (head mounted display) marks are finally disappearing from my kids after watching nearly 90 hours of “awesome 4K VR” streaming content from the Rio Olympics. Steven Antturi, head of post production at IM360/DigitalDomain and part

“Look, tonight is the future, and I am planning for it! There's this shirt I gotta buy, a beautiful shirt.” – Tony Manero, “Saturday Night Fever,” Paramount, 1977

Now Marketing

The Most Effective Marketing Comes from the Customer The toughest job in a company today – yes we know, it’s yours but … it’s the lofty title of CMO (chief marketing officer). How tough could that be? The CMO gets to dictate how the budget


The TITAN X vs. GTX 1070 SLI

This evaluation pitting GTX 1070 SLI performance against TITAN X performance is the fifth in our Pascal TITAN X series.  We have compared it with the GTX 1080 and found that the TITAN X was generally 20-30+% faster, depending on the resolution. We also compared the last generation


Too Much

IoT, IoE isn’t Coming to Benefit You, the Customer Ah, the Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Everything (IoE) is going to be great … maybe. Let’s see, the local utility company “allowed” me to install a smart meter and the damn thing won’t even talk


Little But More Than Just a Little Flash

Movies, Video Are More Than Just a Little Flash The great thing about going to a technical conference like FMS (Flash Memory Summit) where they have honest-to-gawd user panels is that you find out why the Tower of Babel was built. And along the way


The EVGA GTX 1060 3GB vs. the Red Devil RX 470

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphics card is a brand new and slightly cut-down version of the GTX 1060 6GB card making it a great choice for playing games at 1920×1080.  This $199 entry-level EVGA GTX 1060 3GB card is powered by Nvidia’s Pascal architecture and it

NPD Really - Researchers claim Millenials are more wrapped up in themselves than any previous generation. Of course there are probably people who would swear that you – and your entire generation – were that way too. Being concerned about personal adequacy, power, prestige and your looks is part of growing, finding your way. Just watch where you’re going.

Millennial Priorities

Influencing Gen Yers Requires Different Channels, Different Messages Although Boomers are the ones with most of the disposable income (70 percent in the U.S.), Gen Yers, also known as the Millennial Generation, are the biggest spenders (82 percent of their income). And Gen Yers will